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Our Work

Renewable Energy Development

A Spanish solar energy developer and EPC contractor looking to expand internationally contacted us and, after some initial assessment meetings, we organised several field trips around Bulgaria, viewing suitable land and meeting key industry players. We then advised them on the optimum tax structure and set up their legal corporate structure in the country. Due diligence was carried out on suitable land, contracts drafted and land purchased. The EPC division was licensed and put in contact with local suppliers. A total of 20MW of power projects were developed with our continuous support, and when the correct moment arrived, the company successfully exited its investments, all with the benefit of our continuous legal and tax advisory services.

Production Outsourcing

A Western European manufacturer of electrical control panels sought to minimise its production costs in the EU, and, after initial meetings and inspection trips, decided to set up a subsidiary company in Bulgaria to take advantage of the low tax rate and labour costs. Consultia was hired to provide all back office support in the company set up, including legal work, accounting, the hiring of local staff, location of business premises, and pre selection of local suppliers.

Public Works Tendering

A foreign civil engineering firm wished to enter the Bulgarian market, by taking part in public tenders. Consultia Bulgaria provided them with legal, translation and administration services, setting up their local branch and preparing all the necessary documentation to take part in the public tender processes.

Intercontinental Tax Optimisation

A company from the Americas wished to sell their services in Europe, and approached Consultia to set a subsidiary, find suitable premises and contract local staff. Consultia provided local legal, tax, accounting and administrative services to the company during the set up phase and latterly for their on going operations.

Solar Plant Management

An international investment fund with a large portfolio of solar plants across the globe contracted Consultia to carry out the administrative, legal and accounting procedures required of their investments in solar farms in Bulgaria.

Property Management

Consultia provides continuous property management services to a wide range of individuals who have invested in real estate in Sofia and the country, working on behalf of the owners, ensuring all properties are up to date with rent, repairs, utilities etc.