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Corporate Clients

Consultia offers a full range of legal services in relation to company incorporation. We have experience in setting up all manner of corporate entities, including new companies, representative offices and charities. Our detailed approach and knowledge of multiple overseas jurisdictions allows us to put in place the most suitable corporate structure for our clients.

Our corporate practice includes:

  • Incorporation of limited liability companies, joint-stock companies and other legal entities, registration of branches of foreign companies.
  • Consultation on the proper legal form of business activity in Bulgaria from a legal and tax perspective.
  • Transformation of companies, transfer of shares, acquisition of shares; transfer of commercial enterprises.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Capital increase and reduction, contribution in kind into the capital of the company.
  • Corporate management, registration of corporate changes.
  • Drafting corporate documents.
  • Representation of the company before administrative and judicial bodies.
  • Liquidation, deletion of companies from the Company Register.

The aim of our Commercial Law Department is to help our clients achieve their most ambitious business goals. Their success is our main priority.

We advise on a wide range of commercial issues including:

  • Preparation, review and revision of commercial contracts.
  • Negotiations with contractors and third parties.
  • Credit and leasing.
  • Commercial dispute resolution.

Foreign companies are increasingly choosing Bulgaria for their real estate investments. To successfully acquire Real Estate and carry out their business, clients need continuous expert consultancy throughout the whole process of their investment project.

Consultia-Bulgaria’s Real Estate legal practice provides the full range of real estate related legal services to foreign nationals and companies, as well as Bulgarian individuals and legal entities.

We are experienced in the following fields:

  • Review and inquiries of legal status, ownership (limited property rights) and existence of encumbrances, liens and injunctions over real estate.
  • Representation of clients during negotiations for acquisition of property rights.
  • Representation before financial institutions with regards the financing of the projects, leases, mortgage loans, escrow accounts.
  • Drafting and review of preliminary contracts for acquisition or disposal of real estate rights.
  • Drafting and review of contracts for maintenance and management of residential and public buildings.
  • Rental agreements.
  • Real estate investment consultancies and advising on tax aspects.
  • Urban planning procedures.
  • Changes of the use of land.
  • Supply of real estate sketches, tax valuation of properties, and other real estate related documents.
  • Preparation of notary deeds for acquisition and disposal of real estate rights.
  • Drafting of powers of attorney and declarations, attendance of notary procedures.
  • Making, registration and cancelling of security, estate burdens and limited real estate rights – mortgages, construction right, right to use, etc.
  • Registration of foreigners owning real estate in Bulgaria with the Bulstat Register.
  • Registration of the acquired property for tax purposes.
  • Advice on the taxes and fees due with regard to the acquisition of ownership and other real estate rights in Bulgaria.

The fast pace of day to day company business often requires the need to make quick significant business decisions, which may incur serious risk. In order to aid our clients avoid any undesired risks, Consultia Bulgaria’s legal team has developed a range of due diligence services.

Our legal division prepares due diligence reports concerning:

  • The legal status of real estate, ownership and limited property rights, existence of encumbrances, burdens and limited real estate rights – mortgages, construction right, right to use, etc.
  • The legal status of a Bulgarian company – valid existence, address, ownership, management, representation, capital, lack or existence of liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings, specific conditions, special pledges on the ongoing concern, contractual relations, etc.
  • Other real estate or company related issues.

We provide legal advice to corporate clients applying for EU funding. We can prepare complete project submissions, and following the overall process through to its conclusion.

Our service includes:

  • Preparation of the project;
  • Filing all documents with the competent authorities;
  • Follow up.

Our team is experienced in providing advice on a wide range of intellectual property issues. We usually receive inquiries from companies which would like to register trade marks, patents and industrial designs within the EU.

We provide legal opinions and advice to such companies and can carry out the necessary registrations.